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To make use of the Autocomplete Text Field, first add it to a SharePoint list or document library:

For every column that uses the Autocomplete Text Field, you can set following properties:
  • Column name: the name of the column
  • Description: the description of the column
  • Required: if the column should contain text or if it can stay empty
  • Lookup list: the list in which the column should do the lookup, this list can be selected from a dropdown
  • Autocomplete interval: the number of milliseconds after which the lookup list will appear
  • Items to display: the maximum number of items to display in the lookup list
  • Minimum prefix length: the minimum number of charactes which should be typed before the lookup list will appear
  • Delimiter characters: a list of characters which will be used as a delimiter to be able to add multiple lookup items. If this value is empty, users can only lookup a single item.
  • Show animations: enable or disable the fading effects when the lookup list is shown or hidden


That's it, now the new column can be used!

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